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Legal Thoughts and Analysis

I have decided to start a legal blog to help elucidate some of the legal realities our local citizenry faces when they come before our honorable judges and chancellors. I intend to vary my blog entries between real world issues that I see every day both inside and outside our local judiciary and more analysis of case law and statutes that directly impact those facing legal problems here on the Gulf Coast.

Every day I run into people who are wholly intimidated by our legal system. Every day I run into people who are not intimidated enough by our legal system. Information is the only way to cure these maladies. I hope to provide, if not daily, then weekly insight into how the law works in Mississippi. This blog is in no way meant to be anything other than informative. I want to help you know the right questions to ask so that you make the most of your time in the courtroom or in consultation with attorneys.

Matthew Pavlov