101a Rouselle Place, Ocean Springs, MS 39564


My Life Today

Today, I am many things.

I am a husband, dedicated to a life long partnership with the most beautiful and hilarious woman I've ever met.

I am a plaintiff's attorney, helping local individuals and families in some of the most difficult times in their lives. I live a life dedicated to justice, fairness, equality and compassion. I am a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Tulane Law School. 

I am a Christian and a Catholic, who believes we are all redeemed through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and strives to live in his image through love, generosity, fairness and faith.

I am a dog lover, who embarrasses himself regularly with over the top pronouncements of my deep affection for my cocker spaniel mix, Honey Butters, much to the disdain of my wife and I's other two dogs, Puddy, a katahula mix, and Fozzy, a rhodesian ridgeback, doberman mix who was adopted from the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

I am a sports fan, who enjoys the NBA, NFL and College Football. I am praying for a good season from Notre Dame and the New Orleans Saints.

I am outdoorsman, who loves fishing, canoeing, hiking and shooting.

I am a book lover of varied tastes.

I am a movie buff who has seen far more movies than he cares to mention, but will happily talk about the Action classics all day.

I am a father to be, working to make sure that my children (with the first due in November) have a safe, prosperous, and beautiful place to grow up.

I am your neighbor, who wants to fight for you and your family.

Matthew Pavlov