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Share Information

Transparency and Communication

The single most important thing that we can do to guarantee that our neighborhoods are protected, preserved and improved is to share information. As your Alderman, it will be my responsibility to work to keep all of our residents informed as to what is happening in our city and how to work within the city to achieve goals. Part of that responsibility will be fulfilled through simple information sharing via a platform such as this website and Facebook. However, the primary methodology for information sharing is through personal interaction between myself and our neighborhoods. 

Democracy calls for active involvement of its citizens and their representatives. It is just as important for your alderman to be a fixture in your neighborhoods as it is for him to be a fixture at city hall.  Residents need to be informed as to what the city is prioritizing and why, where there is additional funds or where no funds are left, and what is the procedure for receiving support from the city. 

Similarly, the city needs to know what issues are plaguing your neighborhoods. Through regular communication with your alderman and an open and constructive dialogue between myself and our residents, we will be in a much better position to know what issues can be pursued immediately and how to make other important issues a higher priority for the city.

Matthew Pavlov