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Qualify and Quantify Problems

Understanding What Sort of Problems You Have is Key To Resolution

There is no denying that some problems are more severe than others, that some problems demand immediate resolution and that others will require patience and vigilance to achieve resolution, and that some problems are simply more expensive to fix than others. This does not mean that we can ignore an issue because it only harms a small number of people, but it does mean that we will have to work harder to sell the importance of some problems than others. After identifying and categorizing an issue, we will work to qualify and quantify the individual problems so as to determine the best and most efficient manner to find a reasonable solution.

By qualifying issues, we will be able to identify the root of the issue, understand what department or body will handle the issue, and choose which issues to press for immediate solution and which issues need to held in abeyance until we can force resolution. 

By quantifying issues, we will be identify what issues are recurring, the areas in which they recur, and extrapolate the overarching cause of the issues, when viewed individually, may not seem very pressing. For example, if we have a series of drainage problems in Magnolia Bayou, Pittman Road, Heron Bayou and Whitney Oaks, we may find that their is a common root to the issue that will resolve most, if not all, of the problems, or we will have successfully identified a series of issues that will need regular treatment to keep them from magnifying into something much worse. 

Matthew Pavlov