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Custody and Support


There is nothing more important than the well-being of our children. Protecting the best Interest of your children is not just your most important job, it is also our local Chancery courts most important job.

The reality of dealing with a divided household can be a needlessly difficult task. Whether you face a deadbeat parent who refuses to pay child support or a bitter ex who puts his or her needs ahead of your children, you do not need to navigate the treacherous road of co-parenting alone. Set up a consultation with the Pavlov Law Firm TODAY to discuss your rights, your children's rights and the tools we can utilize to protect the your family. 

Don't sit silently and hope it will get better. Fight for your kids.  CONTACT the Pavlov Law Firm NOW at (228) 229-3531 or via email at PavlovLawFirm@gmail.com.

Child Support

Both parents are responsible for the care of their children. The custodial parent - the parent who has the children the majority of the time - bears the vast majority of these expenses. To help alleviate this burden and to make sure that children are not deprived because of their parent's separation/divorce, the Courts will enter a Child Support Order forcing the non-custodial parent to pay a percentage of his or her income for the care of the children. The amount of support ordered can often be modified.  To find out how, contact the Pavlov Law Firm NOW at (228)229-3531 or via email at PavlovLawFirm@gmail.com.