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Create Infrastructure and Cross-Promotion between Business & Attractions

Create Infrastructure and Cross-Promotion between Business & Attractions

The city's job in regard to our local economy is to help get people into town, to sell our city, and help create a market base. I am a firm believer that any new person who comes into Ocean Springs to spend any money is good for all of Ocean Springs business. It is businesses job to keep them here. And the best way to do that is for businesses to work together and work with the city.

This may seem like a contradictory idea as we tend to think of businesses as competitors, but it is much more akin to a sports league like the NFL. Within the league teams compete against one another for championships, but as a whole, the entire league is working to put forth the most entertaining product so people keep tuning in to watch the games.

Much like the NFL, we want visitors to spend the entire day with us, enjoying our product.

To do this, we use our identified and framed asset list to connect businesses and attractions to one another. Clearly, many of our attractions fall into multiple categories. We identify the complimentary businesses/attractions and then encourage the creation of marketing infrastructure between the businesses. For example, if the city wanted to sell the idea of a "perfect Ocean Springs day" it can take many forms:


Matthew Pavlov