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Mobilize Leadership Teams

Neighborhood Leaders are Key to Success

Resolution is typically not achieved through the action of one person. Vigilance, coordination and cooperation gives us more power to sway the occasional frivolousness of government bureaucracy. As such, we will need to work with local leaders in each neighborhood, street or block who will work with me to organize us to action. Our neighborhoods with Home Owners Associations provide a simple mechanism for organization. As your Alderman, it will be essential that I work with our Home Owners Associations, participate in meetings, and regularly communicate with HOAs so that I am informed of neighborhood issues and the neighborhoods are informed of city issues.

Other areas will require conscious effort to identify those individuals who will speak on behalf of their neighbors and dedicate time to pursuing resolution for residential problems. It will require work, coordination and dedication to continued communication to ensure that our neighborhoods and streets without a formal organization are heard and ready to organize when change is needed. Together, we will work to act as a strong voice for our community, communicate problems, issues and resolutions to each other and to the city, and resolve issues within neighborhoods in a fair and efficient manner.

Matthew Pavlov