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Make Democracy Work

Democracy Works When People Are Involved

Finally, when we find ourselves without resolution and without cooperation from the city, we mobilize our people and march down to city hall to demand change. From my end, I will advocate with the other alderman, the mayor and the various departments, acting as your voice, laying out our research, evidence and attempts at resolution. From there, you, the citizens, will be called upon to come to board meetings, present your case and ideas for resolution, and demand satisfaction. 

While mobilization of our residents and causing a stir at City Hall may not always result in a perfect result every time, at the very least, each resident will know 1) that the city heard their concerns; 2) that we did our part, crossed our t's and dotted our i's; and 3) know who refused to provide assistance and why.  From there, we can continue to utilize the power of the masses to work for change and hold those who unfairly refuse our reasonable requests accountable.

More importantly, the City will know that if they do not consider the needs of Ward 5, then Ward 5 is more than willing to fight for what it wants. That carries a lot of juice and we will see continued positive results in our neighborhoods. It requires cooperation and coordination, but by working together, we will be able to achieve great things for our Ward and our City.

Matthew Pavlov