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Formulate Solutions

Find a Path to Resolution

Of course, not every problem that arises in our Ward will meet the burden necessary to achieve perfect resolution. We deal in reality and must treat our issues realistically. It is no secret that 1) our city operates on a limited budget and  2) the city often has a limited set of options to resolve issues at its disposal. In order to maximize our chance of success, we will prepare as many acceptable solutions to our issues as possible to give the city little to no room to squirrel around our requests.

By thinking outside of the box for numerous potential solutions to our issues, we will be in a far greater position to demand resolution than had we only ventured down one avenue. Moreover, we may find that the best resolution exists outside of city action, allowing us, through coordination and cooperation, to resolve many issues without the necessity of government intervention.

We don't define success as walking down our desired path, but by achieving resolution to our problem. If we cannot find resolution ourselves, we can present to the city both our good faith effort to resolve our issue and present a final viable path to resolution that now requires government cooperation. Leave the city with no excuse for not taking action.

Matthew Pavlov