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Document and Organize Evidence

Preparation is Essential for Success

I am an attorney. I believe in the power of hard evidence. Photographs, affidavits, invoices, estimates, research etc. help to cut through the tendency to minimize facts and ignore reality because it is inconvenient. Setting forth a well-thoughtout and documented portfolio of information forces opposing forces to confront the truth and give legitimate objections, if any, to demands.

From my end, I will help guide our residents as to what sort of documentation and evidence is needed to convince the city that action is necessary and help to organize said information in manner that will maximize our chance of success. However, this is not a solo effort. If the concerns are legitimate, then the residents needing action will have to help to put together the necessary information needed to present a convincing case to our city departments and board of alderman.

Working with our friends and neighbors to document the severity of issues will allow us to put forth more than just a isolated demand for resolution, forcing city officials to take notice of not just the severity of the problem but also the importance of resolution to our residents. By putting in the work, we will know that we have taken all of the appropriate procedural steps, provided the city with the information they need to make an informed decision, and will understand both the difficulties of achieving our goals and the path to resolution.

Matthew Pavlov