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No one gets married thinking that they will end up divorced. Unfortunately good intentions, love and the promise of a bright future do not always result in a perfect union. 

It is a difficult concept with which to grapple. As Mississippians, we are not prone to giving up. We believe in family and the importance of the family unit. The very idea of divorce is antithetical to the way most of us were raised and what we want to believe.

As adults, however, we live in the real world. The unfortunate reality is sometimes marriages cannot be saved. Whether your incompatibility has become so crippling that divorce is the only option or you know you have to move on to protect yourself and your family, it is essential that you fully inform yourself of your rights and obligations and protect your family and your finances. 

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Property Division

Divorce goes beyond ending your relationship in the eyes of the law. What happens to all of the property, accounts, and debts you and your significant other have accumulated during the marriage? How do you divide your retirement accounts? What rights do you have to property that is not titled in your name? What facts do courts look at in determining how to divide marital property?

All of these issues must be addressed before your divorce can be finalized. Protect your rights, keep yourself fully informed, and fight for your future by contacting The Pavlov Law Firm today at (228) 229-3531 or at PavlovLawFirm@gmail.com


Alimony is one of the most mischaracterized and misunderstood aspects of modern divorce in Mississippi. Today, alimony is addressed secondarily to property division (one of the key factors in determining property division is whether marital property can be divided in such a way to waylay the need for alimony).  However, alimony in one form or another remains as one of the central tools courts have to make sure that neither spouse is overly burdened following the divorce. A thorough analysis of your personal situation and vigorous application of the same to the factors our courts analyze can make all the difference in a person's ability to survive after the dissolution of a marriage. 

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