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Target Groups

Target Groups

Finally, our city needs to work harder to attract groups to visit our town. Groups will return if they have a good experience. 

As it stands today, we have two major events in Ocean Springs and they happen within one month of each other: Cruising the Coast and the Walter Anderson Museum.

However, making use of our assets, we can work harder to attract other groups of people to visit our town on given weekends. Utilizing our beach and our parks, we can work to bring in Bocce Ball Leagues, Beach Volley Ball Leagues, nature activist organizations, Water Sport associations, etc. The list is endless. 

By utilizing our assets as selling points and aggressively pursuing group events to host in town, we bring people in to Ocean Springs and increase visibility of our local economy. 

Utilizing the business infrastructure in town, the city and local businesses can work together to keep participants in town for the day of the events and to return later on to explore the things they missed. 

Matthew Pavlov